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Traditional / Civil Partnerships


Exchange of Rings

Renewal of Vows

JEVAN THE TOASTMASTER’s Roles and Duties will include:

  • Full and close liaison with the Reception venue caterers or banqueting manager and other providers on the day.
  • Receiving and looking after guests as they arrive.
  • Receiving the Bride & Bridegroom.
  • Assisting the photographer in assembling the Bridal Party and guests as required.
  • Organising the Bridal / Partnership Receiving Line prior to the Wedding Breakfast.
  • Introducing all guests to the Bridal Party.
  • Asking guests to take their seats, after the Receiving Line has welcomed everyone.
  • Seating of Guests and Top Table Guests.
  • Leading the Bride & Bridegroom / Civil Partners into the banqueting hall.
  • Announcing the arrival of the Bride & Bridegroom and escorting them to their places.
  • Announcing Grace
  • Ceremony of cutting the Wedding Cake - arranging and announcing cutting the cake and inviting guests forward to take photographs.
  • Announcing the speakers, who will be proposing the traditional toasts, i.e.
  1. The Father of the Bride to the Bride & Bridegroom.
  2. The Bridegroom to the health of the Bridesmaids.
  3. The Best Man to the health of the parents of the Bride & Bridegroom.

  • Assisting with presentations
  • Closing the Wedding Breakfast formalities
  • Informing all guests of the evening’s entertainment.

As a professional Toastmaster, Jevan is responsible for keeping the reception running effortlessly and to time, ensuring that events happen in the right order, meaning that the bride, bridegroom, and particularly the best man can all relax and enjoy themselves, completely free from stress, knowing that everything is in the hands of a very capable professional.

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